Our Pedigree

Numelec Africa Holdings (NAH) is the Strategic Partner of the Numelec SA Group, Geneva, Switzerland, on the Continent of Africa. NAH warehouses the Numelec SA Group's African operations, coordinating a Continent-wide procurement and project management network spanning over Fifty (50) African countries.

Numelec SA of Geneva, Switzerland is a global leader in providing a uniquely broad spectrum of innovative medical diagnostic and engineering solutions in today's rapidly changing healthcare environment. Over the last Seventy (70) Years, Numelec has been active in innovating, developing, manufacturing, and marketing cutting-edge healthcare products and solutions. Our products and services primarily focus on preventing, diagnosing, and treating diseases, consequently promoting good health and quality of life.


Numelec was established in 1947 when Roger Wahl, a young engineer at the French Atomic Commission, was developing Multi Channel Analysers (MCAs), which are for the nuclear physicist what the oscilloscope is for the electrician. Incorporated in 1968 as a Société Anonyme (SA) – meaning 'Corporation' in French - in Versailles, France, Numelec continued to market MCAs and other medical diagnostic equipment, especially in the area of nuclear medicine, bone densitometry, ultrasound scanning, et cetera.

In a bid to expand its operational base, Numelec acquired SEIN SA, another leading producer of image analyzers and consequently became the undisputed leader in this field as it produced the first set of ultrasound scanner analysers and gamma camera imaging systems.

Numelec was, however, nationalised in 1981 by the Socialist Administration of French President Francois Mitterrand, who was intent on having a National Bio-medical Company. With the compensation paid by the Government, Roger Wahl established Isotec SA, a laboratory equipment manufacturing company and Leman SA, a Biomedical Engineering Company.

In the meantime, Francois Wahl – son of Roger Wahl – had in 1977, incorporated Numelec SA Geneva which was not nationalised by the French Government as it was an independent Swiss Corporation. Today known as the Numelec SA (Geneva) Group, it has become an internationally acclaimed provider of medical diagnostic support services and the construction of turnkey hospitals and medical facilities. Over the last Forty (40) years, the Numelec SA (Geneva) Group has aggressively pursued an internationalisation of its global operations, especially in Africa, Eastern Europe and the Baltic States.

The primary aim of this expansion was to facilitate the provision of world-class medical facilities in Countries that have had their healthcare sectors devastated by war, communism or maladministration. Indeed, most international healthcare providers avoided these countries because of their perceived political instability and lack of transparency. Numelec has consequently become an exemplar of international best practices in the biomedical engineering and medical diagnostic field, offering highly competitive prices and qualitative services to its clients.