Our Competencies

Numelec has, over the years, remained at the cutting-edge in the delivery of turnkey design/build/equip/train and support services for the development of locally appropriate healthcare infrastructure. Numelec brings to bear on all its projects the expertise of globally recognized experts in providing the most advanced innovation and design technologies. Some of Numelec's recent turnkey projects on the Continent include:

  1. Prostate Cancer Centre in Abuja, Nigeria
  2. Ambulatory Diagnostic, Imaging and Kidney Care Centres in Nigeria
  3. Kira Hospital in Burundi
  4. The Morning Clinics in Comoros
  5. Ultra Modern Pediatric Hospital in Angola

Working across disciplines and cultures, Numelec brings together a broad range of skills to provide a correlation between project design and verifiable healthcare outcomes.

Our strategy leverages the use of locally sourced materials and labour in an effort to deliver sustainable design, as well as impact the local economy. This approach paves the way for design innovation that produces improvements in the overall layout, patient and staff flow, natural ventilation, and a reduction in airborne diseases. Designers, technicians, and doctors are brought into the process to provide communities with the most appropriate environments and healthcare systems to ensure long-term project success and sustainability.

Numelec has a track record for the rehabilitation of dilapidated healthcare facilities, retrofitting them with new equipment and the latest technologies. Retrofitting success is assured by the creation of a highly organized and structured plan of action, developing a safety plan, analyzing work and patient area flows, and phasing work to minimize disruption of existing healthcare operations and ensure a smooth transition of new systems.
At Numelec, warranty management, training, and maintenance are structured into both turnkey construction and retrofitting projects to guarantee long-term sustainability, better healthcare outcomes, and optimisation of facilities.
As exclusive representatives of leading manufacturers of advanced medical equipment and consumables, Numelec provides a wide variety of laboratory, diagnostic and critical care equipment and consumables to a broad spectrum of public, private, and third sector clients across Africa.
Numelec has strategic partnerships with pharmaceutical companies in Europe, North America, and Asia for the manufacturing and distribution of new generation generics of medicines for the African Continent, focusing on providing universal access to medicines.